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Headlines Today is 24/01/2017
I get filthy with large businesses that have multi million dollar turnover – and have a monopoly (which is supposed to be illegal!) on a product – then go about being so unprofessional, the public who just happen to form their client base get treated like wankers.
If Sky Channel were in any other industry – with competition - they would not survive in my opinion. We, their supposed valued clients, would in the main seek an alternative company offering the same product.
Sadly we must play with the hand we are dealt and the quicker this Sky Channel bunch have some serious opposition, the better off we will all be. Most racing people pay currently around $800 per year to get the Pay TV service into their homes – so it’s not a cheap commodity to a normal family. At the end of a day and nights racing, replays of the day’s thoroughbred meetings are replayed under the banner of “Today’s Racing Tonight.” It should be a great service. It allows millions of people who have worked during the day to watch the races late at night or early in the morning. The concept is great. That’s the theory, but in reality the service is often a minefield of errors with such wondrous events as your television screen freezing during the running of a race for no apparent reason for an unspecified time period, or one day last week when a sign said “due to repairs no replays” – that’s acceptable if they started telling you a week out that there were going to be no replays on a certain day. There are a myriad of other gripes which everyone who has the home service knows – the chief one being we pay for a service into our homes to watch ALL racing only to have some bureaucratic bungling human dictate which “selected” events we will get for our money!
Last night however sealed the deal. Matthew Browning (who comes across as a really nice young man) introduces “Today’s Racing Tonight” as have “5 meetings for replay” which is spot on there were 5 – Mornington, Hawkesbury, Doomben, Strathalbyn and Pinjarra. The only problem is they totally lost the Doomben meeting somewhere – not one race was shown. That’s a disgrace and a total lack of professionalism with this aspect of their business. It seems a gross dereliction of duty on behalf of whoever has the job description of doing up “Today’s Racing Tonight.” Some people who clearly need a rocket strategically placed where the sun does not shine negate the wonderful job the callers, camera crews and presenters do. Ring me – I’ll light the fuse! Send them on their way and get someone in who can do the job.
The Ipswich Turf Club today have Race 5 called the “Enjoy Sky Channel Service Class 5.” They can’t be serious. Earlier Race 3 is called the “ Class 4 Handicap.” It should have been more aptly called the Class 4 Handicap – or the Class 4 Handicap.
Oh and Sky Channel while you are getting your house in order why don’t you add “First 4” onto the bottom of the displayed dividends for each race. If a particular state TAB doesn’t have a “First 4” put a – (dash) same as you do for Unitab on every race as it doesn’t have an “exacta”. We do like to know what the “First 4” pays and if it is up on the screen, it will appear then in your replays. God alone would only know why someone there wouldn’t have thought of that. They should be on a website called
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