Last Friday night I penned a story entitled “Best Bets and Sportsman charge top dollar for their publication yet both struggle with just getting the basics right”. In that article I stated that I’m forced to write “negative stories about a conglomerate bunch of fools that are heavily involved in the racing industry, yet they cumulatively wouldn’t know if the Sydney Symphony Orchestra was up them – unless the tuba player hit up”. The story then covered a number of topics and called both Best Bets and Sportsman “inept” in servicing punters needs.

Today you can add the Ipswich Turf Club to the list – and in fact they’d have to be the most “inept” of the trio. Then you can add Winning Post to the group to make up a boxed First Four that punters definitely wouldn’t want shares in, if they were trying to source accurate racetrack information from.

In exclusive information – that naturally has photographic proof – both via the accompanying photo on this story, as well as additional photography on the Brisbaneracing website today, between the four named entities above, they cumulatively have no idea what horses hold the track records at Ipswich. As advised last Friday night, last Saturday’s Best Bets couldn’t even show the right diagram of the Ipswich racetrack, which is pretty basic stuff if racing is your core busineess, whilst Sportsman got the track diagram correct, but had no idea that the track had a 1350-metre start, even though three of the eight races last Saturday were run over that distance. If it wasn’t so serious – it would be funny.

After the Ipswich Cup race meeting last Saturday, things just got a whole lot worse for the First 4 players named above, as not one of the four even knows what horse holds the track record for the Ipswich Cup distance of 2150 metres. In fact the Ipswich Turf Club is so “inept” that on the “current track records” click-on, on their website, they credit no horse with actually holding the 2150-metre track record, inferring they don’t even run races over that distance, even though the Ipswich Cup has been officially run over 2150 metres since 1997 – that’s just 17 years. You would really think that someone connected with the Ipswich Turf Club, possibly even a member of their committee, may one day during the calendar year, go and visit their club’s website and see exactly how pathetic the website is managed by the staff they employ. So as per the club website, there is no 2150-metre track record displayed. Then to add insult to injury, the Ipswich Turf Club website has Rightson holding the 1350-metre track record, which is incorrect.

Both Best Bets and Winning Post have a horse called Per Mille holding the 2150-metre Ipswich track record at 2.12.76. That’s a load of garbage and that information has subsequently led many people to conclude that the 2014 Ipswich Cup winner, Brave Ali, broke the Ipswich track record. Nothing could be further from the truth. For the record Per Mille, trained by Rob Heathcote, won a Maiden over 2150 metres at Ipswich on 16/8/13, then two starts later on 5/9/13 he won another 2150-metre race there in a slower 2.13.77 – in Benchmark 65 class. Given the gelded son of Show A Heart took 10 starts to win a Maiden, one would wonder how anyone could possibly conclude the horse was talented enough to hold a track record anywhere.

Unlike Best Bets and Winning Post, in last Saturday’s edition, Sportsman doesn’t have Per Mille holding the 2150-metre track record at Ipswich. They came up with 1987 winner Distancia as holding the 2150-metre track record. That’s not right either, as the Ipswich Cup was only run over 2100 metres when Distancia won the Ipswich Cup. It was first run over 2150 when He’s Back On Track won the race in 1997.

Unless anyone can prove otherwise, I say the Ipswich 2150-metre track record is in fact held by Sphenophyta at 2.10.45, a time he clocked when he won the 2006 Ipswich Cup. Four years later, on 19/6/10 to be precise, Our Lukas won his second Ipswich Cup, in a slightly slower 2.10.60.

As at last Saturday’s edition, both Winning Post and Best Bets has Rightson holding the Ipswich track record at 1.18.70 for 1350 metres. That is incorrect also, as again, unless anyone can prove otherwise, Adnocon broke the Ipswich track record of Rightson when he won the Eye Liner Stakes on 19/6/10 after he stopped the clock at 1.18.67.

So unless anyone can prove me wrong, these should be the main six track records at Ipswich:






Lynn’s Love








Quick Response








Killiney Hill








So if the “inept” group would like to work off my researched information and record and use the aforesaid, they should be able to provide their supposed valued clients far more accurate information from this day forth.


Today on the www.brisbaneracing.com.au website, there’s the third of four consecutive days of photos from the Marburg harness meeting last Saturday, plus the Ipswich Cup day photos, plus photos of all the stuff-ups re the Ipswich track records. On www.sydneyracing.com.au we update readers about a Group 1 producing sire that has been relocated to stand just outside of Ipswich for $4,000 and show you a watering hole nearby that sponsors Marburg harness racing, whilst on the www.melbourneracing.com.au website Victorian racing is perused.

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