Greyhound Racing NSW announce Ladbrokes Super Series

Greyhound Racing NSW is pleased to announce that long-time partner Ladbrokes will sponsor a new series of upcoming feature races across the State.

Over a four-week period, Ladbrokes will sponsor two weekly race series’, and inject $20,000 in additional prizemoney into the industry through these events, each week.

Each week there will be a Ladbrokes Super Series with an $11,000 prize pool for the final, and a Ladbrokes Maiden Series which will have a prize pool of $5,000 for the final.

“This is tremendous news for all participants in NSW and shows the value of great partners in your industry, such as Ladbrokes,” GRNSW Chief Executive Officer Tony Mestrov said.

“At a time when everyone across the world is struggling through COVID-19, this is wonderful news for our participants to have Ladbrokes sponsor a new series which will see an additional $20,000 a week go into their pockets, and significantly, all runners in the heats of the Super Series receive prizemoney.

“Greyhound racing in NSW has had a long and strong relationship with Ladbrokes both on and off the track, and a deal such as this strengthens the bond between Ladbrokes, GRNSW, and the entire greyhound racing industry in NSW.”

The series commences with heats at Dubbo next Thursday night, before the two features are run at Ladbrokes Gardens, Richmond and Grafton.

“Ladbrokes is a long-time supporter of the greyhound industry in NSW and we appreciate that a lot of participants are doing it tough through these unprecedented times,” Ladbrokes Australia CEO, Dean Shannon said.

“It is a great credit to GRNSW and the clubs that they have been able to work collectively to ensure greyhound racing has continued via the regionalised model during this crisis. Similarly we are very appreciative of trainers and owners, who have ensured field sizes have been maintained, despite impacts to normal racing routines.

“We understand this has impacted the levels of prizemoney on offer and that is why we are very happy to support the Ladbrokes Super Series and Ladbrokes Maiden Series, which will provide a direct financial benefit to all starters, through the heats and finals, not just to the winners.”

Dubbo hosts heats of the first series on April 30, with Ladbrokes Super Series for NG greyhounds over 400m. The Ladbrokes Maiden Super Series will be run over 318m. Both finals will be held on May 7.

Ladbrokes Gardens hosts heats on May 8 with the Ladbrokes Super Series for NG greyhounds over 515m and the Ladbrokes Maiden Series over 400m. The finals will be held on May 15.

Also on May 15, Richmond will host heats of Ladbrokes Super Series for NG greyhounds over 535m, and the Ladbrokes Maiden Series will also be run over 535m. The two finals will be held on May 22.

And Grafton will host their heats on May 23, with the Ladbrokes Super Series for fifth grade greyhounds over 407m, and the Ladbrokes Maiden Series over 305m. The finals will be held a week later on May 30.



Heats: April 30. Finals: May 7.

Ladbrokes Super Series

NG 400m Heats & Final

Ladbrokes Maiden Series

Maiden 318m Heats & Final


Heats: May 8. Finals: May 15.

Ladbrokes Super Series

NG 515m Heats & Final

Ladbrokes Maiden Series

Maiden 400m Heats & Final


Heats: May 15. Finals: May 22.

Ladbrokes Super Series

NG 535m Heats & Final

Ladbrokes Maiden Series

Maiden 535m Heats & Final


Heats: May 23. Finals: May 30.

Ladbrokes Super Series

5th  Grade 407m Heats & Final

Ladbrokes Maiden Series

Maiden 305m Heats & Final



Graded Heats limited to 4 heats:

NG Heats Prizemoney: 1900/780/650/50/50/50/50/50

5th Grade Heats Prizemoney: 1700/710/600/50/50/50/50/50

Graded Finals: 7500/2000/1000/500


Maiden Heats as per nominations maximum of 4 heats:

Maiden Heats Prizemoney: 1150/410/290

Maiden Finals: 3000/1500/500

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