Best Racing Betting Apps and Horse Betting Sites in Australia

As the year draws to a close, we explore the best new horse betting apps that have captured the attention of Australian punters. The surge in online betting sites throughout the year has expanded choices for punters, making it imperative to ensure you are using the best betting apps, especially with the festive season kicking in and high-quality racing events on the horizon.

Top Picks for Horse Betting Apps in Australia


Established in mid-2022, SwiftBet has rapidly emerged as a major player in Australia’s betting landscape, particularly for horse racing enthusiasts. Renowned for offering enticing promotions, SwiftBet caters to racing punters with daily bonus back offers and weekly boosted price specials on key races and standout horses. With a user-friendly mobile app, competitive odds, and a solid reputation, SwiftBet deserves a spot in every punter’s selection of preferred betting sites.


While Unibet has been a presence in Australia for several years, recent transformations have revitalized its offerings for punters. With daily and weekly specials now among the best across Australian wagering sites, Unibet has undergone a positive shift. Punters can benefit from an improved array of tools and promotions, making it a platform worth exploring if you haven’t done so already.


Although has been in existence for a few years, a significant overhaul of its site and app in the past year has elevated its appeal for racing punters. Offering unique betting options, the standout feature is the Boombox, akin to Neds’ punters toolbox, allowing users to leverage various betting promotions. Boombet’s reward points system, where punters earn points for every bet, adds an extra layer of attractiveness. Consider exploring Boombet if you haven’t already.


Conceived by visionary Michael Sullivan, BlueBet has witnessed a surge in popularity since its listing on the ASX, coupled with a substantial injection of funds for an aggressive marketing campaign. The BlueBet app, while different from its previous version, remains user-friendly. The platform regularly offers enticing weekly specials on racing events, making it a viable option for punters seeking simplicity and good deals.


Having launched a few years ago, Neds quickly climbed the ranks among online wagering sites in Australia. Acquired by Ladbrokes shortly after its launch, Neds boasts substantial financial backing, ensuring punters get paid out reliably. Notable for innovation, the Neds toolbox stands out as a cool betting feature, complemented by daily racing specials. If you haven’t explored Neds betting yet, it’s worth considering, especially given its standing as one of our favourite bookies among the numerous options we’ve tried.

Choosing the Right Betting App

With over 90 online betting sites in Australia, selecting the right one is crucial. As the wagering landscape evolves, punters should be mindful of choosing established bookmakers that prioritize safety and reliability. For those seeking a trusted option, Ladbrokes emerges as our top pick. If you’re inclined towards newer bookies, SwiftBet or Boombet are commendable choices. For a blend of experience and a superior betting experience, Neds remains a top contender.

More Betting Apps!

For a comprehensive list of online betting apps in Australia, visit this link. We meticulously rank every online betting site in the country, ensuring you make an informed choice for your next bet.

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