Canterbury racecourse gets first nail in the coffin

Canterbury racetrack could be sold in the future.

The NSW government have declared its hand that they are looking at rezoning Canterbury Park racecourse land to residential and that my friends is the first nail in the coffin of Sydney’s best racing surface.

It’s been a widely held thought since the merger or as some saw it, a takeover by the Australian Jockey Club with the Sydney Turf Club that the valuable land that Canterbury sits on would be sold sooner rather than later.

A condition of the merger between the two clubs was that the racecourse would be protected at least until the 10-year anniversary of the joining of the clubs in 2021.

“The ATC will explore any opportunity for the future of the club, its members and the racing industry but Canterbury Park remains an important asset for Sydney racing, so there are many factors to consider and people to consult, in coming to a view,” ATC chief executive Darren Pearce was reported as saying in this morning’s Sydney Morning Herald.

The proximity of the 35 hectare parcel of land to a train line and the city makes it ideal for the government planning department who are continually looking for places to build more homes and apartments. The expected make-up of the land will be apartments ranging from 3-18 storeys’ making sure as many living quarters are available for the growing population.

The SMH reported Richard Colley, administrator Canterbury-Bankstown council described the racecourse as a ‘very significant site due to its size and location’.

It is time we started to plan for people first, then buildings, not the other way around”.

I feel like many in NSW that too often we build and jam apartments everywhere and anywhere without any thought to the infrastructure.

The NSW government has been accused of building apartments on every corner with no thought into roads, schools or parks and open land.

I remember when the AJC owned millions upon millions of dollars of land but it seems those days are coming to an end I just hope the money doesn’t run out because you can’t sell the land again.




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