Moodie findings mean nothing in ‘School Yard’

Many have described the action taken by former Racing Victoria Chairman David Moodie as ‘school yard stuff’- ‘he said that he did that’ ‘he kicked my seat sir’ well it continues to drag on and is another distraction away from the wonderful spring carnival that we have just experienced.

The Danny O’Brien and Mark Kavanagh cobalt case will drag on for months to come and now there is the Lloyd Williams training set-up that will garnish the racing media’s attention.

So today a judge ruled that former Racing Victoria chairman David Moodie was denied natural justice in findings that he inappropriately disclosed information during a cobalt investigation.

Not if he did or did not disclose the information but that he was denied natural justice in that Perna released a media release with his findings.

Moodie will come out and claim a victory but in real terms it means nothing to the average racing follower as the judge made no determination on the scope and extent of the commissioner’s powers, saying those matters should be determined in a separate defamation action Moodie has taken against Perna.

Everyone has moved on including Racing Victoria with a new board that has no spot for Moodie as he carries far too much baggage but the former chairman is stuck in the past.

Perna’s investigation cleared Moodie of being the original source of the January 2015 leak about two trainers’ positive cobalt results, but found the then RV board member inappropriately disclosed information and misled the RV integrity council and board.

Justice Bell on Tuesday said there was a breach of the rules of natural justice when Perna issued a media release about his findings.

Its really of no interest to anyone bar Moodie so we will leave it there because its irrelevant. and nothing more than tit for tat.

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