Top 5 Horse Racing Betting Apps – BoxingDay Races 2023

As we approach one of the prominent betting days of the year, ‘Boxing Day,’ let’s delve into the finest online betting apps tailored for punters.

The upswing in online betting apps in Australia has presented racing enthusiasts with a myriad of choices. The tradition of attending the Boxing Day races has solidified among Australians, and now, they no longer need to contend with the high percentage markets offered by on-course bookies. Instead, a plethora of options are available to conveniently bet on your phone.

Let’s explore the prime selections for betting on the Boxing Day races in 2023.

Best Horse Betting Apps in Australia

SwiftBet: Established in mid-2022, SwiftBet has swiftly ascended as a notable player in Australia’s betting landscape, particularly for horse racing enthusiasts. This emerging star is lauded for consistently presenting enticing promotions, featuring daily bonus back offers and weekly boosted price specials on key races and standout horses. With a user-friendly mobile app and competitive odds, SwiftBet establishes itself as a formidable contender in the industry, deserving a spot in every punter’s selection.

Unibet: Unibet, a stalwart presence in Australia for several years, has undergone recent transformations breathing new life into its offerings for punters. With daily and weekly specials now ranking among the best across Australian wagering sites, Unibet has experienced a positive transformation. Punters can now relish an enhanced array of tools and promotions, making it a platform worth exploring.

BoomBet: has undergone a substantial overhaul of its site and app over the past year, rendering it a compelling choice for racing enthusiasts. Boombet provides distinctive betting options, with the standout feature being the Boombox, akin to Neds’ punters toolbox. Boombet also incentivizes punters with points for every bet, introducing an extra layer of allure.

BlueBet: Conceived by visionary Michael Sullivan, BlueBet has gained popularity after listing on the ASX and receiving a substantial injection of funds for a robust marketing campaign. Although the old version of the app was preferred, the current version remains user-friendly. BlueBet consistently rolls out enticing weekly specials on racing events, making it a viable option for punters seeking simplicity and good deals.

Neds: Neds rapidly ascended the ranks to become one of the premier online wagering sites in the country after its launch a few years ago. Acquired by Ladbrokes, Neds boasts substantial financial backing, ensuring reliable payouts. Innovative features like the Neds toolbox and daily racing specials make Neds a preferred choice among punters.

Choosing the Right Betting App: With over 90 online betting sites in Australia, selecting the right one is pivotal. In the evolving wagering landscape, punters should prioritize established bookmakers that underscore safety and reliability. Ladbrokes emerges as a top pick for those seeking a trusted option. For newer bookies, SwiftBet or Boombet are commendable choices. For a blend of experience and a superior betting encounter, Neds remains a top contender.

More Betting Apps! Explore our full list of online betting apps in Australia to make an informed choice for your next bet. We meticulously rank every online betting site in the country, ensuring you have the information needed to make the right decision.

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